8 New Events in the Rapidly Expanded 2021/22 Shaw and Partners Summer of Surf Series


    Today the Summer of Surf is ecstatic to announce a rapid expansion to the 2021/22 Shaw and Partners Summer of Surf Series in a move that will be recognising and uniting incredible events across the summer into one centralised point-score. 

    Summer of Surf points will now be on offer in Western Australia, Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, and Tasmania with eight additional events now on the calendar for the 2021/22 Shaw and Partners Summer of Surf Series. 

    Summer of Surf General Manager Trent Goulding is very pleased with the new look summer schedule and how it will positively contribute to surf sports racing both locally and nationally. 

    “Australia is so fortunate to have incredible surf sport events each and every weekend on our coastlines. Rather than have these as stand alone events, our vision is a united series where athletes can earn points all summer long at destinations around Australia, we believe this will be a great expansion of surf sports programs nationwide.”

    “We can’t wait to see stars emerging from more regional events as they can now earn Summer of Surf points right on their doorstep before featuring in the premier Shaw and Partners Summer of Surf 10,000 events. We are also really excited to showcase events all over Australia on our ever growing social media channels, allowing for more exciting and unique stories to be told this summer.”

    Former Summer of Surf Ironman and Board Series champion Max Beattie is looking forward to the expanded racing schedule.

    “When I first started racing in the Summer of Surf we were racing at different beaches all around Australia. It was so much fun being able to travel and race at some of Australia’s most famous locations. COVID put a bit of a halt to this domestic calendar so I think this move will really encourage people to hit the road traveling and racing with their mates, which is really what ‘clubbies’ is all about.”

    “I am stoked to have more opportunities to race this summer that will contribute directly to my Summer of Surf standings and it will be a fun challenge to chase some points at events I otherwise wouldn’t go to. I can really see this bolstering local events and allowing local talent a chance to race against some of the biggest names in the sport at their home beach and be celebrated on the biggest surf sport platform in the world.” 

    Max Beattie (Surfers Paradise SLSC) is looking forward to hitting the road in chase of points, top level racing and fun with mates this summer

    2021/22 Shaw and Partners Summer of Surf Series Schedule


    4th December 2021 – Wanda Tradies ‘One Club’ Carnival, NSW – 7,000*

    4th December 2021 – City of Perth Shaw and Partners Summer of Surf, WA – 5,000

    10th & 11th December – Shaw and Partners Hayden Kenny Classic, QLD – 10,000


    7th & 8th January 2022 – Shaw and Partners North Bondi Surf Club Classic, NSW – 10,000

    9th January 2022 – Sorrento Shaw and Partners Summer of Surf & Dash-4-Cash WA – 5,000

    21st & 22nd January – Murphy Homes Maroochy Classic, QLD – 7,000

    22nd January – Wharf Bar Manly Beach Open, NSW – 5,000

    23rd January – Freshwater Open, NSW – 5,000

    29th January – Battle of the Bay Warrnambool, VIC – 5,000


    11th & 12th February 2022 – Shaw and Partners Shannon Eckstein Classic, QLD 10,000

    20th February 2022 – Burnie State Wide Carnival, TAS  *exhibition event- no points allocated*

    * In the event the QLD borders are not open to NSW competitors for the Shaw and Partners Hayden Kenny Classic, the Wanda Tradies ‘One Club’ carnival will become a 10,000 point score. 

    2021/22 Shaw and Partners Summer of Surf Series FAQ answered:

    Q) What does this mean?

    A) Summer of surf has teamed up with iconic races and clubs around Australia to give athletes across the nation additional chances to get overall points beyond our marquee events.

    Q) How will the point score work?

    A) Summer of Surf has adopted a multi-tiered approach to encourage athlete participation at all levels of our sport. 

    • ONLY your 3 BEST results will be considered for the overall point score. 
    • The bigger the event, the bigger the points. 
    • U15 & U17 will be included in event expansion

    Q) What do the point score allocations look like?


    Q) How do I enter these events and have my points counted in the Summer of Surf?

    A) You can enter these events through your usual entry procedure and we will do the rest! We will also be sharing the key entry information for each event when they become available. Stay tuned to our socials for more. 

    Summer of Surf would like to thank its partners, Shaw and Partners, We Are Feel Good Inc, LSKD, Mr SimpleThe Sports Hub, BMD Northcliffe Surf Club, Alexandra Headlands Surf Club, North Bondi Surf Club, Sunshine Coast Council, Major Events Gold Coast, Waverley Council, FINIS & Jolyn Swimwear.