Fierce First National Board Series


As usual the start made all the difference as board freaks Cam Cole and Sam Hamilton hit the front early. It would be all Cole board-2around the tins as he lead most of the pack on his wash, with both Max Beattie and Sam Ham looking dangerous. As the boys entered the break the ocean went flat and nobody was being rewarded for their hard work, until the best looking kiwi on the beach found enough of a lift to break away and claim his first summer of surf crown. Sam Hamilton and board specialist Rhys Burrows were the next across the line in a tight race.


In the women’s board race it was the girls on the right hand side who had the best of it early as a few left handers rolled through. But the start would mean nothing as 6 girls would sprint to the line for round four of the First National Real Estate Board Race and experience would trump enthusiasm as Kristyl Smith beat fellow Northcliffe competitor Maddy Dunn and young gun Lizzie Welborn to the line.