Information Release 26/08/16

    Summer of Surf is set to sizzle, delivering its most elite and engaging Surf Sport Series in history commencing in summer 2016 – 2017. To be broadcast globally, from 6 iconic Australian locations, the tide is high for change in mainstream Australian sport.
    Athletes from around the world will arrive shortly to prepare for the summer of racing.
    Beginning on the 22nd of October, the Summer of Surf series is open to all Surf Life Savers, with the very best Ironmen and Ironwomen, swimmers, ski and board paddlers making it onto the Fox Sports finals broadcast each week.
    With a significantly increased athlete Prize Pool, and expanded integration across the Fox Sports network, this year will be the most exciting year to date for Summer of Surf.
    Series director John Palmer can’t wait to be back on the beach.
    “We started this series to create more opportunities for next generation athletes to race at an elite level and inspire nippers across the country. To see it capture the interest of the Australian public is truly fantastic for the sport.”
    “We’ve tried to engage all stakeholders following last seasons Summer of Surf to work out how to go bigger. SLSA continues to be an avid supporter of the Series.”
    “Surf Life Saving Australia has supported the Summer of Surf Sports Series since its inception and we are pleased to continue to work with the team. We look forward to some exciting competition throughout the series culminating in a number of the top athletes from this year and last year gaining entry into Surf Life Saving’s Nutri-Grain IronMan & IronWoman Finals Series,” said Melissa King, Chief Executive, Surf Life Saving Australia.
    Fox Sports have played an integral part in the growth of the Summer of Surf and continue to be a key element to the future success.
    Last years dual Summer of Surf and Nutri-Grain Ironwoman Champion, Noosa Head’s Jordan Mercer, loves the Summer of Surf balance, racing for herself and with her teammates. “It’s nice to know when I’m working hard at training that beyond trying to defend my Ironwoman title I can race alongside some of my best friends and attempt to win a teams title too, that’s really special”
    Palmer notes, “Most importantly were announcing some fantastic new and renewed commercial partnerships in the coming weeks which will be vital in building on last years
    “We’re excited to welcome 3 new locations for the series this season. We look forward to
    showcasing Port Stephens, Wollongong and Surfers Paradise in particular as some of the best tourist destinations Australia has to offer.”
    Round 1: ALEXANDRA HEADLAND (Saturday 22nd, Sunday 23rd October)
    Round 2: NEWPORT (Friday 4th, Saturday 5th, Sunday 6th November)
    Round 3: FINGAL BAY (Saturday 26th, Sunday 27th November)
    Round 4: TORQUAY (Saturday 10th December)
    Round 5: NORTH WOLLONGONG (Friday 6th, Saturday 7th, Sunday 8th January)
    Round 6: SURFERS PARADISE (Friday 3rd, Saturday 4th, Sunday 5th February)
    The Schedule:
    Day 1 (Afternoon start):
    Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Ironman/Ironwoman Series heats and semi-finals.
    Day 2 (Morning start):
    Daikin Ski Series, First National Board Series, Run-Swim-Run*, Beach Sprints*, Beach Flags*, Double Ski, Ski Relay, Board Relay, Aussie Bodies Taplin Relay, Surf Swim*, and Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Ironman/Ironwoman Series finals.
    *pending approval these events will be open to the public
    ** for more detailed schedule head to
    Day 3:
    Community Day- Fitness Session (Open to Public) and Summer of Surf Stars nipper training session.
    Registration information and more details will be available soon.