Kevin Morrison


Written by our American correspondent Hallie Petersohn


Kevin Morrison, assistant coach at Northcliffe Surf Club, is no stranger to the nerves when lining up on the start line at a surf carnival. The majority of his time now has not been focused on his own training, but the training of his athletes in helping them improve to win races.

It was the final of the Daikin Open Ski Race at the first round of Summer of Surf at Kurrawa Beach and all the athletes were lined up for the start. Even then, Kevin still managed to pop his head up and critique someone down the line from him.

Right from the start Kevin had his foot to the floor leading out through the beach break and all the way around the first cans. The field spread out behind him and inched closer and closer on the home stretch to the beach, but Kevin managed to hang on winning the first round of Summer of Surf for the season. Asking him later, he says he felt good in the race and since he hasn’t won a race in a while it was awesome to come in number one.

Kevin made several finals last year but failed to cross the finish line in front, he was ecstatic with his first ever summer of surf win.

“I love getting my foot on the line and I enjoy a good race” he commented. When asked about how he felt winning a race with a younger generation he replied, “It is good to get out there and enjoy the sport, the possibilities are endless!”

When asked what his plans are for the Summer of Surf, he stated he will be doing as many rounds as possible. In regards to the Summer of Surf, “They’re awesome and this is exactly what this sport needs. It opens up multiple possibilities for the different disciplines, whether it being beach or ocean, Summer of Surf gives the opportunity for both.”

“My big goal this season is to be the top point scorer in the Daikin Summer of Surf ski series” Kevin declared, “Every opportunity I get I will try to win and get another photo to hang on my wall.”