Movers and Shakers of the Offseason

    We bring you the big moves over winter! Shane Myers ©2022

    With training being resumed at surf clubs all around the country, we have been able to get a first glimpse of the big moves from the off season and there are some serious shake ups!

    The Morris Boys Move North – Northcliffe has secured the triple threat of Zach, Mitch and Jake Morris who finished sixth, 11th and 17th respectfully in the Shaw and Partners Summer of Surf Ironman Series (and all finished in the top 22 in the board series for good measure) in what will be the most consequential move of the winter.

    The Morris’s have some serious youth and untapped potential on their side, and it will be terrifying for fellow competitors when the trio reach their full surf sports racing powers. Our hearts really go out to Newport here but nonetheless we wish the Morris boys all the best for the up-and-coming summer donning the maroon star. 

    The three Morris brothers, making up 15% of an iron field – coming soon to a beach near you.

    Naomi Scott – Naomi Scott has been a force to be reckoned with for as long as we can remember. This Summer she finished first in the Shaw and Partners SOS swim series and 5th in the Shaw and Partners SOS Ironwoman Series, making her one of the top female athletes going around. Naomi shared a heart-warming thankyou to Manly SLSC for getting her to the pointy end of the sport and will now move to the warmer waters of Northcliffe SLSC where she hopes to put the icing on the cake.

    All class from Noami Scott and massive props to Manly!

    Lucy Derbyshire – Following the trend of athletes moving north, Lucy Derbyshire has moved a hop, skip and a jump to Surfers Paradise after an impressive couple of seasons since her move from South Australia. Derbyshire will be joining forces with Courtney Hancock and Karlee Nurthen in what will be a very handy team and add some much-needed depth in the mixed six-person taplin relay for Surfers Paradise. 

    Derbyshire will also be joining forces with partner and Nutri-Grain Ironman Series Race winner Finn Askew at Surfers Paradise

    The Bulli Bullet becomes the Burleigh Bullet (again) – Beau Wheeler aka the ‘Bulli Bullet’ has always been a fan favourite and his absence in the sport was felt the last few years. Fresh off completing his sparky apprenticeship in Wollongong, Wheeler has relocated to Burleigh Heads from his beloved Bulli. 

    The three certainties in life are death, taxes and Michael King producing world class ironman so we are predicting Wheeler to hit the ground running. Wheeler knows his trip north is his last crack at the sport and will be putting it all on the line. Don’t be surprised to see him on the podium this summer. 

    Fan favourite Beau Wheeler fresh off completing his sparky apprenticeship and ready to give it a crack. All the best Beau!

    Will Savage – If Burleigh Pavilion had a surf club, Will ‘The Sav’ Savage would already be a life member. While Savage enjoys letting his hair down in Burleigh, he means business in Surfers Paradise where he has trained for the past year while opting to race for his lifelong club Trigg Island.

    Savage had a great summer in his final year of 19’s; making the Nutri-Grain trials top 20, winning the Cooly Gold and featured in the Shaw and Partners Shannon Eckstein Ironman Classic Final. Savage will make his move from the west complete; both training and racing under the blue and yellow star of Surfers Paradise for 2022 and beyond.  

    Savage admirably raced his final year 19’s for Trigg Island despite living on the Gold Coast. A move that paid off with an under 19 board relay win at the Australian Championships and priceless memories with life long friends.

    Kye Taylor – The 2021 Next Gen Iron winner and Shaw and Partners Summer of Surf Board Series copper medalist Key Taylor will be joining forces with Surfers Paradise, adding to their depth of young talent.

    Winners are grinners! Taylor hopes to taste more success this summer.

    Stay tuned for more clubbie news in the coming weeks.