We’ve teamed up with the guys at TRISWIM Australia to bring our athletes the best chlorine-removing hair care + body care products money can buy.

We’re stoked to have finally found products right here in Australia that do what they say they’ll do – remove chlorine, saltwater and odour, while nourishing and restoring your skin and hair with every wash. With these chlorine-killers part of your daily routine, you can say goodbye to that scaly itchy skin feeling, dry dull hair resembling a hay bale and chlorine-scented perfume we all know and *love* so dearly. 

“After swimming in a chlorinated pool or being in the saltwater at the beach, my hair would feel dry, brittle and lifeless but since using the TRISWIM shampoo and conditioner my hair feels silky, strong and moisturised. As it is enriched with aloe vera, it has relieved my dry, itchy scalp and hair. My hair never smells of chlorine after using the TRISWIM Shampoo and conditioner, I highly recommend any swimmers to give this product a try and see for yourself.” – Georgia Miller, Surf Ironwoman. 

Find the TRISWIM tent at the next fews rounds of Summer of Surf and grab yourself some samples of our all time favourite chlorine-fighting friends to take home and try out yourself.