Wanda & WA Double Header Goes Bang!


    Clubbies is back! 

    Saturday saw two incredible events go down on the opening weekend of the 2021/22 Shaw and Partners Financial Services Summer of Surf Series with racing in both Western Australia and Sydney thanks to host clubs City of Perth and Wanda SLSC. 

    The City of Perth Shaw and Partners Summer of Surf 5,000 took place in some picture perfect conditions while the Wanda Tradies ‘One Club’ carnival 7,000 stayed true to classic clubbie carnival form with a combination of gloomy skies and howling onshore wind. 

    While the events ran in different states, the goal was the same. Gain valuable points in the overall Shaw and Partners Summer of Surf Series and cash in a winter’s worth of training.

    Summer of Surf Event Manager Mackenzie Hynard made the trip to the wild west and got to see first hand the incredible day of racing go down at the City of Perth Shaw and Partners Summer of Surf. 

    “It was such an amazing day and a really well run carnival in WA. There was plenty of sharp racing with a tricky shorebreak to keep athletes on their toes. We saw a lot of sprint finishes and I think we are going to see some of the Trigg guys giving the overall series a run for their money in the board and ski events and City of Perth has some great depth in the females. The racing was seriously elite!”

    Meanwhile the weather gods of Wanda dished up a different platter for the NSW athletes but that didn’t stop the red hot racing with particular mention to Kendrick Louis fending off the young guns for a win in the open ironman.

    “It was so good to get the win here today. All these young boys have gotten a lot faster since I last raced them! It’s going to be an epic summer ahead with these boys absolutely flying. Guys like Jackson Borg and Jake Morris will definitely shake up the series.”

    Manly’s Naomi Scott has landed herself atop two separate point scores with impressive race wins in both the swim and ironwoman events after a challenging winter of training.  

    “I am very excited to get two wins under my belt this early in the season and hope to be featuring in the pointscore come the pointy end of the season. It was a big challenge training this winter through the lockdown and having to swim in the freezing cold rockpools five mornings a week so I am so happy it has all paid off today!” 

    In another positive spin for the Summer of Surf, Live Heats proved a massive success with results being accessible live for fans and competitors all around the globe!

    Image credits: Emma Rogers & Chris Borg. 

    Wanda Tradies ‘One Club’ Carnival 7,000 Results

    Male Ironman:

    1. Kendrick Louis (Manly)
    2. Jackson Borg (Newport)
    3. Nathan Jay (Wanda)

    Female Ironwoman:

    1. Naomi Scott (Manly)
    2. Lizzie Welborn (Newport)
    3. Britney Pierce (Wanda) 

    Open Mens Board:

    1. Will Budd (North Cronulla)
    2. Samuel Braun (North Bondi)
    3. Jackson Borg (Newport)

    Open Womens Board:

    1. Lizzie Welborn (Newport)
    2. Madison Spencer (Newport)
    3. Georgia Singleton (Manly)

    Open Mens Ski

    1. Jackson Collins (North Bondi)
    2. Noah Havard (North Bondi
    3. Greg Tobin (Newport)

    Open Womens Ski

    1. Jemma Smith (Newport
    2. Hannah Minogue (Bulli)
    3. Lizzie Welborn (Newport)

    Open Mens Swim

    1. Zach Morris (Newport)
    2. Noah Steiner (Wanda)
    3. Conner Maggs (Newport)

    Open Womens Swim

    1. Naomi Scott (Manly)
    2. Zara Sharman (Bulli)
    3. Britney Pierce (Wanda)

    City of Perth Shaw and Partners Summer of Surf 5,000 Results:

    Male Ironman:

    1. Harry Hewitt (City of Perth)
    2. Charlie Hewitt (City of Perth)
    3. Max Hunter (Trigg Island)

    Female Ironwoman:

    1. Sophie Lloyd (City of Perth)
    2. Sophie Baron-Hay (City of Perth)
    3. Nikita Fredonnet (City of Perth)

    Open Mens Board

    1. Patrick Eley (Trigg Island)
    2. Blake Allsopp (Trigg Island)
    3. Ben Jones (Trigg Island)

    Open Womens Board:

    1. Nikita Fredonnet (City of Perth)
    2. Samantha Brigden (Trigg Island)
    3. Sophie Lloyd (City of Perth)

    Open Mens Ski

    1. Dan Humble (Trigg Island)
    2. Joshua Windsor (Trigg Island)
    3. Patrick Eley (Trigg Island)

    Open Womens Ski

    1. Jazmin Shipway Carr (Trigg Island)
    2. Jaime Roberts (Mullaloo)
    3. Phoebe Ashworth (City of Perth)

    Open Mens Swim

    1. Harry Hewitt (City of Perth)
    2. Charlie Hewitt (City of Perth)
    3. Kai Marchetto (Trigg Island)

    Open Womens Swim

    1. Sophie Lloyd (City of Perth)
    2. Sophie Baron-Hary (City of Perth)
    3. Telani Woodham

    2021/22 Shaw and Partners Summer of Surf Series Schedule 


    4th December 2021 – Wanda Tradies “One Club” Carnival, NSW – 7,000*

    4th December 2021 – City of Perth Shaw and Partners Summer of Surf, WA – 5,000

    10th & 11th December – Shaw and Partners Hayden Kenny Classic, QLD – 10,000


    7th & 8th January 2022 – Shaw and Partners North Bondi Surf Club Classic, NSW – 10,000

    9th January 2022 – Sorrento Shaw and Partners Summer of Surf & Dash-4-Cash WA – 5,000

    21st & 22nd January – Murphy Homes Maroochy Classic, QLD – 7,000

    22nd January – Wharf Bar Manly Beach Open, NSW – 5,000

    23rd January – Freshwater Open, NSW – 5,000

    29th January – Battle of the Bay Warrnambool, VIC – 5,000


    11th & 12th February 2022 – Shaw and Partners Shannon Eckstein Classic, QLD 10,000

    20th February 2022 – Burnie State Wide Carnival, TAS  *exhibition event- no points allocated

    * In the event the QLD borders are not open to NSW competitors for the Shaw and Partners Hayden Kenny Classic, the Wanda Tradies ‘One Club’ carnival will become a 10,000 point score. 

    Summer of Surf would like to thank its partners, Shaw and Partners Financial Services, We Are Feel Good Inc, LSKD, Mr Simple, The Sports Hub, BMD Northcliffe Surf Club, Alexandra Headlands Surf Club, North Bondi Surf Club, Sunshine Coast Council, Major Events Gold Coast, Waverley Council, FINIS & Jolyn Swimwear.